bilkentgrafik-contextture2-01 CON-TEXT TURE v.2 An Experimental Typography Exhibition April 04-28, 2017 Cermodern Hub Art Space Curated by Ekin Kılıç An experiment is a set of actions performed to prove or dissapprove a hypothesis in a scientific context. From a graphic design point of view, an experiment is a methodolgy or basically an approach to discover the potential in creating an original and an impressive visual language which would express the context and content relationship in an inspirational way. Experimental approach is the design process that allows a graphic designer to be an artist; it is almost a romantic state that a designer would be. Using the authorised way of communication (letters, words, sentences,etc.) as a tool for experiencing the design process to discover new possibilities in visual culture, experimenting with typography is what a designer would and/or should do to survive. Typography, inherently, stands between the visual space and the linguistic consciousness; between the aesthetics and grammar; between the form and meaning (content and/or context); the appearence and inner voice. This state of typography creates a juxtaposition for a designer to be a message creator and also an expressionist. This status makes typography open to exploration and suitable for experimentation among other visual compounds. David Carson, who is the master of experimental typography and father of so-called ‘grunge typography’, once said "Experimental is something I haven’t tried before … something that hasn’t been seen and heard” (Peter Bilak, 2005). Experimenting with new forms of layouts to layering techniques, pushing the limits of printing mediums to spontaneous discoveries, adjusting analog practices to compositing textures and framing the right image is what the experimental process is done for this exhibition. These experimental typography works are the output of a project that all the critical decisions made during 2015-2016 Fall to 2016-2017 Spring Semesters and finalised till the exhibition date, at Bilkent University FADA Media and Design Program, by GRA 511 Typography course participants and the instructor Ekin Kılıç. Project includes posters, drafts for the finals as design processes and giff/videos. Exhibition Participants; Rengin Kocaoğlu (15-16 Fall) Volkan Acun (15-16 Fall) Sıla Alıcı (15-16 Fall) Pınar Çalışkan (15-16 Fall) Çiğdem Demir (15-16 Fall) Anıl Özdem (15-16 Fall) Şölen Ödül S. (15-16 Fall) Çetin Tünger (15-16 Fall) Sepideh Yekan. (15-16 Fall) Cansu Begüm Erkoç (16-17 Fall) Büşra Gümüşay (16-17 Fall) Şeyda Günönü (16-17 Fall) Yağmur Koçak (16-17 Fall) Güner Munlafalıoğlu (16-17 Fall) Zeyca Örer (16-17 Fall) Ali Ranjbar (16-17 Fall) M. Kemal Sarıgül (16-17 Fall) Semra Ay (16-17 Spring) Donya Dalirnaghadeh (16-17 Spring) Selen Kantarcı (16-17 Spring) Naile Kaş (16-17 Spring) Melis Kocaoğlu (16-17 Spring) Nazra Okay (16-17 Spring) Merve Tuncel (16-17 Spring) Berra Yalçın (16-17 Spring) Ayşe Lalin Yüksel (16-17 Spring) Erhan Tunalı (guest designer) Çağatay Alpay (guest designer) Funda Şenova T. (guest designer) Efe Alpay (guest designer) Ekin Kılıç (guest designer)