Contemporary Design Education

Since its establishment in 1986, we work with our students in a dynamic environment that facilitates keeping up with the rapid developments and transformations in the design world. We offer a contemporary education platform for our students to practice a wide range of skills including visual/corporate identity studies; typography and type design; illustrations, posters, brochures and book design; packages, advertisement and editorial design; web and mobile interface design; motion graphics, video production and animation design.

Theory/practice Unity

Uniting theory and practice is our departmental concern that defines our approach. Students explore their own critical thinking and research potentials in an independent, creative and unique intellectual environment. Our goal is educate students as not only following the developments in the field, but become pioneers in the design world. We are equally invested in processes as much as the outcomes. In addition to the studios, we offer many courses on culture including art&culture, history of art&design, analysis of art, philosophy and design issues.

How To Apply

Our Undergraduate Program accepts Turkish students by LYS (Undergrad Placement Exam carried by Evaluation, Selection and Plcm. Center of Turkey - ÖSYM) in the score type TM-2. By 2017, 3 full scholarships, 22 half-tuition scholarships and 5 fee-paying; a total of 30 spots are available. Applicants do not need drawing skills. At the end of 4 years, students graduate with BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree. For International students administration please see Office of International Students Website.



Senior Graphic Design Exhibition ’18

Senior Graphic Design Exhibition ’18

We are happy to announce 2018 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition 2018. The exhibition will be held May 26 2018 at FADA Exhibition Hall. Projects are supervised by Marek BRZOZOWSKI throughout the 2018 Spring Semester.

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Senior Graphic Design Exhibition ’17

Senior Graphic Design Exhibition ’17

We are happy to announce 2017 Graphic Design Senior Exhibition 2017. The exhibition will be held May 26 2017 at FADA Exhibition Hall. Projects are supervised by Marek BRZOZOWSKI throughout the 2017 Spring Semester.

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About Graphic Design

Graphic Design is defined as the process of visual communication and problem solving based on the art or skill of combining text, imagery and other content. It is to design and produce message oriented solutions for target audience by using printed and digital media. This dynamic in the field of visual culture have an important effect on many professions ranging from art to advertising; print media to tv broadcasting. Graphic designers play a key role in all aspects of the visual culture including (but not limited to) advertising and communications sectors.


Bilkent University, Department of Graphic Design is an attractive art and design platform with many opportunities in a 3-storey separate building. Professional photography and video labs including 2 studios, analog equipments and a dark room; Advanced computer infrastructure and computer aided animation production facility; large ateliers for studio practices; conference rooms and many classrooms for various seminars. In addition, our students are allowed and encouraged to use other departments’ facilities, studios and equipments, such as Fine Arts screen-printing studio.

Exchange Programs

Our students have the opportunity to go to Europe with Erasmus program, and also to the United States with the Bilkent Student Exchange Program, as exchange students. They can complete some portion of their curricular requirements abroad. For more information about student exchange programs and procedures, please contact our Exchange Program Coordinator Fulya İnce, or visit Bilkent Exchange Programs Office website.

After Bilgra

Bilkent Graphic Design alumni continued their career in various fields such as design offices, advertising agencies, newspapers and periodicals, film production companies and TV channels. Some graduates also continued their postgraduate education to choose an academic career. Bilkent's tradition of strong English educational system allows our graduates to pursue careers abroad. Graduating with a wide range of skills, our graduates explore many different design-oriented neighbour activities such as exhibition curatorship, shoe and clothing design, product design, time-based and social media.




Fall Semester
GRA131 Design Tools and Techniques
FA103 Drawing I
FA105 Foundation Studio I
FA171 Introduction to Art and Culture I
ENG101 English and Composition I
TURK101 Turkish I
GE100 Orientation


Fall Semester
GRA201 Graphic Design I
GRA211 Typography I
GRA218 Essentials of Photography
GRA225 Introduction to Visual Techniques I
FA271 History of Art I
HIST200 History of Turkey
GE250 Collegiate Activities Program I


Fall Semester
GRA290 Summer Practice I
GRA301 Graphic Design III
GRA341 History of Graphic Art
FA361 Philosophy of Art
Restricted electives (2)


Fall Semester
GRA390 Summer Practice II
GRA401 Graphic Design V
FA421 Analysis of Art Work I
MAN333 Marketing Principles
Restricted electives (2)

Spring Semester
GRA132 Lettering and Introduction to Typography
FA104 Drawing II
FA106 Foundation Studio II
FA172 Introduction to Art and Culture II
ENG102 English and Composition II
TURK102 Turkish II

Spring Semester
GRA202 Graphic Design II
GRA212 Typography II
GRA219 Advanced Photography
GRA226 Introduction to Visual Techniques II
FA272 History of Art II
GE251 Collegiate Activities Program II

Spring Semester
GRA302 Graphic Design IV
GRA344 Psychology of Advertisement
GRA347 Design Issues
Restricted electives (2)

Spring Semester
GRA402 Graphic Design VI
GRA423 Professional Practice
FA422 Analysis of Art Work II
Restricted elective

GRA207 Conceptual Design
GRA210 Web Design
GRA215 Animation I
GRA216 Animation II
GRA217 Motion Graphics
GRA315 Information Design & Data Vis.

GRA323 Logos, Signs and Symbols
GRA333 Packaging I
GRA334 Packaging II
GRA351 Int. to Video Production Techniques I
GRA421 İlluustration I
GRA422 İlluustration II



GRA 290 Summer Practice I

At the end of the second academic year, graphic design majors must complete a summer internship in a printing house or a digital printing center. The aim of this summer practice is to give students on-site experience in production techniques for third year studio courses.

You can access the detailed procedural information & required paperwork along with formatting guidelines in PDF format below.

GRA 390 Summer Practice II

At the end of the third academic year, students are expected to complete another summer internship in an advertising, design or in-house agency. The aim of this summer practice is to give students knowledge about professional working dynamics to help them with their fourth year studies.

You can access the detailed procedural information & the required paperwork along with formatting guidelines in PDF format below.



Fulya İnce Gürer
Acting Chair
fince [at]

Cengiz Gürer
FB-Z07, 290 1741
cgurer [at]

Erhan Tunalı
FB-305, 290 1746
erhan.tunali [at]  

Çağatay Alpay
FB-206, 290 1758
cagatayalpay [at]

Murad Gürzumar
FB-208, 290 1661
gmurat [at]

Birsu Çeltek
FB-119, 290 1448
birsu [at]

Can İzzet Birand
FB-306, 290 1740
canbirand [at]

Ekin Kılıç
FBZ-05, 290 2743
ekinklch [at]

Marek Brzozowski
FB-205, 290 1739
marek [at]

Atıl Kurttekin
FB-307, 290 1745
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Nukhet Büyükoktay
Administrative Assistant
bnukhet [at]

Aydın Ramazanoğlu
Photo Lab. Technician
aydinr [at]

Ufuk Kaplan
Support Staff



Bilkent University
Graphic Design Department
TR-06800 Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey

Phone: +90 (312) 290 1629
+ 90 (312) 290 1423
Fax: +90 (312) 266 4136
E-mail: gra [at]

Nükhet Büyükoktay, FB-108
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 290 1629 – 290 1423
E-mail: bnukhet [at]

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You can visit our department for a Department/Profession Presentation with your family. To see the studios, have a face to face meeting please make an appointment with our Administrative Assistant Office (+90-312-290 1629). Also, we will be glad if you participate our events. Please look up to Bulletin Section or Blog Page for exhibition, seminar, workshop and other events.

You can visit Bilkent Graphic together with your school or your class. To do so, your current school administration should make an appointment with Bilkent University Prospective Students Information Office (+90-312- 290 3412) or Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (+90-312-290 1486) for a presentation and a tour.